Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello! Today my boyfriend & i decided to explore a new part of our city that we've never been to before! It was an interesting change! n_n

I curled my old extensions!! *w*
 Firstly, we went to a restaurant called "The Electric Cheetah". A very unique name, with very unique food! We ordered a purple cauliflower cheddar soup, and as an appetizer we ordered water chestnuts wrapped in bacon in a special sauce! I tried to order the most exotic things in the menu lol~ :P

The cauliflower soup tasted a little like mac n' cheese haha! And those water chestnuts... Maybe one of the best foods I've ever eaten! *Q* However, it lost a bit of it's appeal when the waiter told me the sauce had ketchup in it. I wish I had never asked... :S

I thought this was interesting:

Later, we stopped by a chocolate shoppe. The candies look so gourmet! *w*

However, I was a bit disappointed. The candies I got tasted like regular chocolate. What I thought was a gourmet candy was really just an oreo dipped in chocolate! :s

Towards the end of the night, we had dinner at a restaurant called "Cinco de Mayo". The ambiance of the restaurant was really festive and beautiful!

I cannot believe Allan ate alllll this food. @___@ He's a little piggy! *oink*

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deco'd Cammy! n__n

Hello! I did my first DIY decorating today. ^__^ I think it turned out okay for a first timer! lol~

Well, I was walking through Michael's (a craft store) to get supplies for a school project and I came upon a whole WALL of bling & deco's. *0* I was so excited like a little kid in a candy store haha~ I picked out some simple decos; I didn't want a really flashy design. ^^

This cross I pulled off a necklace and the other thingthing (lol) is from a ring!

Now here's my cammy before:


And after!

As you can see, I didn't want a really extravagant or colorful look. This one is more simpler than most deco'd things ^_^ Some girls spend like 5+ hours decorating their cammy or phone. @__@ They are soo patient~~ (i am not :P) This only took about 40-50 minutes. It looks a little sloppy (i was running out of decos D:), but I'm still proud of myself!  

My only worry is that the decos will fall off once I put it in my purse and move around and stuff.. Some of them didn't seem to stick very well D:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Happie Hair Extensions Review

Hello! This is my first review ever  And I'm not quite sure what to do but I'll keep it to the point!

Product Info:
  • Remy Clip-in Extensions
  • Big Happie Hair
  • 100g
  • 22"
  • 100% Real human hair
  • #1B
Yesterday, they arrived! I was SO surprised at the fast shipping! They weren't suppose to arrive til November! I ordered them on October 15. Arrived from Zhejiang in a week! So far I'm liking them hehe~

I was very surprised at the small packaging. When I saw the package, I thought it was something else that I had ordered! It was like a 6x6 inch package! And the extensions are 22 inches~!
Of course, the extensions were folded over multiple times to fit into the packaging. Thus, it created a wavy effect in the hair ~__~ I hate wavy hair so much!!

I'm mad at the company. Seriously, they promise me straight hair, and they know folding it will make it wavy, but they do it anyway.. Also, I was disappointed that the extensions didn't come with a protective case that come with extensions.

Shipping get's a 5/10. It would be a 1, but the shipping was so fast! :O

Total: 5/40

When I open the hair, it was soft and felt like real human hair ^w^ It seemed even a bit longer than 22 inches!  However, it seemed very thin. I wondered if it was really 100g? It seemed like 70g, really! In comparison to my old extensions, it was only a little thicker. My old extensions are about 1/2 the size they were previously. Look:
Very very thin hair! I was disappointed. However, I guess it is really 100g of hair. Maybe I've just forgotten how much 100g is.

Quality of hair gets 6/10. I love the length but it's so thin!

Total: 11/40

When I put in the hair, I liked how sturdy the clips were. They were so strong that they were even a little hard to close! Great clips, none of the sewing was falling apart or anything. It clinged onto my hair very strongly! But, because the clips were sooo strong, it was a little hard to apply.
Application: 9/10

Total: 20/40

This is a comparison shot of my new extensions vs. my old ones. My old ones are about 4 months old. They look so terrible. D:

This is how my old extensions look on me. (I didn't style my hair at all cuz I felt lazy.)

So, so bad! DD: I never put my hair down my back like that because it looked so fake. Here's how my new extensions look:

They don't seem to blend  super well with my hair. Maybe it'll look better after I straighten them.

Overall look: 8/10

Total: 28/40 = . . . . C!

In conclusion, I really have mixed feelings about this hair. It's a bit on the thin side, and I really didn't like how wavy it was. However, I liked the texture/length, how strongly it stayed in my hair, and I really loved the fast shipping! I feel it's a very average hair, nothing special about it. Would I recommend it? Probably not.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Extensions

Ah, I'm so bad at updating this thing! >__< It's just that I don't have much to talk about! ;__; Well anyways, I ordered some hair extensions online because mine are the most horrendous things on this planet! D: I'm not even going to put up a picture! Anyways, I'm so relieved I finally ordered new hair; I'm counting down the days until it arrives! I can't wait!! My hair is so embarrassing

(lol i didn't know if i should cover the seller's name.. i did to be on the safe side ^^;)
Firstly, I ordered a 100g 8 piece remy set. It's from the brand "Big Happie Hair" (never heard of it lol.) I always get 22 inch hair in jet black! It was $46.00 with free shipping. It's a little on the cheap side! I can't afford to get an expensive good-quality hair. ;__; So this is fine for me ^^ It's going to arrive around November 2 (I think). That seems like such a long time away when you're in such desperate need for new hair! D:

I also ordered ponytail extensions! I've never worn them before. They were $7.99, awesome price!However, on the model, the hair looked a little thin, so I ordered 2. My total was $15.98 with free shipping! They are 20 inches with the brand Yilu! I don't know when these are gonna arrive, I tracked my item and apparently it's still in China ~___~

As you can see, they tie on like this! I'm a little skeptical of how well it is going to stay in place! Knowing me, it's probably going to be really hard to attach the first couple times. I'm very clumsy~ @__@

Has anyone else had a tie-on ponytail like this before?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Allan's Birthday

Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday! We didn't really do anything except go out to dinner :/ There isn't anything fun to do around here! And he doesn't like going clubbing or anything..So we basically did nothing all day. Next week however, we are going to celebrate with some of his friends~

Some presents I got him:

I made him a bear cake (or at least tried to :c ..) It turned out like shit!! >__<


(OMG my hair... why am i putting this horrible pic up.. Dx )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Prize 2011 Picspam!

Hello all.! ^w^Yesterday Allan (boyfriend) and I went to Art Prize. It's basically a huge art festival that happens every year in my city! It's very interesting~ :o

Well, I just wanted to share some pics that I took! But its not really related to fashion or gal or anything though. ^_^

Firstly, this was my outfit for the day:

(I had a little too much fun with the photo editor... '=___=)
When Allan picked me up, he gave this to me as a surprise! *w*
It was a really thoughtful gift because 1.) I love Hello Kitty, and 2.) I love stickers!!! hehe~ :3

Anyways, we got downtown and saw these:

They're made from water bottles! :O
Then, we walked around a bit outside and saw some more art.

Hahahahaa :D
More arts:

It looks so real.. 0__o
 I loved these trees! :O They're made from waterbottles too! They were so colorful! I want one in my room lol~ :3

We took a pic by the trees:
omg he would be sooo mad if i put this on facebook! :P
An unflattering pic of me in Starbucks.

I think there was some celebration going on, there was this huge cake. @___@

Finally, there was a car in the middle of the street completely covered in random stuff. @__@ I couldn't take a pic of the car cuz there was a huge crowd around it, but I saw some Hello Kitties stuck in there. :3

Ending with a random camwhore pic of me. Am i conceited??Hmm.. I don't think so!! :s