Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Outfit Post

Hello all, just wanted to share a quick OOTD post with you. I went out to eat with my friend! ^_^

All pieces are non-brand! Heres some detail shots:

And of course some camwhore pics xD

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick & Easy Valentine's Hair

Freaking out because it's Valentine's Day and your hair looks like this? (see below). No worries! I'll be showing you how to do a really basic curled hair for beginners :) Let's start!

1. Start with dried hair and spray heat protectant spray. I like to use Pantene's heat protectant sprays! Put up the top half of your hair. If you're going to be putting in extensions, make sure to tease your hair now, before you start curling!

2. Using a small barrel curler, curl 1-2 inch sections of hair. Make sure hair is evenly spread when it is in the curler, as shown in Figure 1. Roll up to the root and hold for 15 seconds (2). Start slowly pulling down, and if your curler has a clamp, rapidly clamp it to loosen up the curl a little (3). Pull all the way out to get a curl (4)!

3. Continue curling the bottom half of your hair. After you do each curl, spritz it with hairspray.

4. If you're putting in extensions, put them in once the bottom is done!

5. Let down the top half and tease before you curl! I tease the crown and sides ^-^ When curling, curl the pieces around your face away from the face, so it frames it nicely!

6. When all hair is teased and curled, run your fingers through to break up the curls, so that it looks more natural! Finish with hairspray!

Unfortunately, my camera died so I couldn't get a pic of the final result. But, here's an older pic in which I have the same hairstyle! I did all the same steps shown here. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy Valentine's Make-Up!

Just as the title implies, I'll be showing you how to do a really simple and pink beginner's Valentine's make-up! This is the transformation:

Keep reading if you'd like to see how to do it :3  

Step 1: Start off by applying foundation & concealer. Since I have dry skin, I'll be using this tinted moisturizer from Sephora in place of foundation. I'm also using Revlon's Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer.

Already my skin is looking better, right?

Step 2: Now, apply a base for your eyeshadow. Eyeshadows last twice as long and are twice as vibrant when you apply a base. Here's the eyeshadows I'm going to use. We want a hot pink, a lighter pink, and white! I got this cheap eyeshadow palette from Claire's.

Taking a hot pink (1), apply this to the outer half of your lid. Taking a white (not shown), apply this to the inner half and browbone. Using a fluffy brush, apply a lighter pink above your crease and on your lower lashline. I mixed 2 and 3 together to get a light pink. Blend well!

Step 4: Carefully apply a black liquid eyeliner on your top lid. If you want a softer and less dramatic look, use a pencil liner. Give it a little flirty wing! ;3

Here you can see what a difference eyeliner can make.
A tip: The thinner your liner, the longer your eyelashes look!

Step 5: With a pencil or crayon liner, line your outer lashline about halfway to your eye. Then, apply the liner to the inner waterline on the inner half of your eye.

Once the two are lined, connect them together and smudge a little!

Step 6: Apply lengthening mascara to your lower lashes. For this look, we don't want a ton of volume, just a ton of length. I used Maybelline's Illegal Lenght Mascara. Also, apply your falsies now. Use ones with extreme length!

Here's the difference falsies make!

All together:

Step 7: Does the look seem a little unbalanced? It's because we didn't fill in our brows yet. Strong brows frame your eyes and balance out their dramatic make-up. Here you can see what I mean.

Step 8: Almost done! To conture my nose, I apply a line of brown eyeshadow along the sides of my nose and blend with my finger.

Step 8: Apply a pink blush and a light powder! Keep lips nude, so that your whole face isn't pink. Or, you could have pink lips, but skip the blush! It's all about balance.

Now you're done! Apply circle lenses for extra-big eyes ^__^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Looks

Hey everyone! This is a bit of a late post, seeing how Valentine's Day is already a week from today. :O I was planning on doing a 4-part Valentine's theme series of blog posts; we'll see if that'll actually happen or not XD Anyways, here's part one! Valentine's Day Looks:

1. The first thing to keep in mind with Valentine's Day is that we want to look GIRLY. This is the one day of the year dedicated to love & romance, so why would we want to have a grunge or androgynous look? Save that for another day! This day, we're gonna whip out all our frilly and fluffy dolly clothes. Think soft and pretty. Floral, lace, ruffles, polka dots, knits, fur, bows, and hearts are all good options!

2. As for colors, we'll stick with pale and pretty pastels. Especially pink! :3

If you're not used to dressing in such soft colors, of course you can wear red! :D To keep it from looking too costume-y, try wearing neutrals with pops of red. Examples: 

3. It's still pretty cold in most places, so a feminine coat is a must. Neutral caramel and beige are still in!

4. As for shoes, heels/wedges will be fine! Look for one with a cute detail, like these heeled booties!

5. With accessories, choose dainty pieces that don't take away from your outfit. You can't go wrong with hearts, bows, pearls, roses, crosses, and of course, diamonds!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this is helpful :)