Monday, September 26, 2011

Notes on Different Gal Mags

Hello! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS struggled to differentiate the different gal mags!Somebody pleaseee help me! :( From reading what other people have to say and looking at some of the mags online, this is what I've picked up. It probably is NOT true, so somebody correct me! Also, please leave suggestions for more gal mags! :) I really like the cutesy, playful, and colorful fashions, so any magazine that has a lot of that would be great!!  Ok, here's some notes:


Popteen - aimed at middle/highschool girls, a lot of kogyaru fashion
Popsister - similar to popteen.
ViVi - aimed at girls age 18-30 . business & casual wear.
Egg - ganguro/gyaru fashion aimed at 20 year olds.
Jelly - for girls age 15-16 . most popular styles in shibuya
Ageha - aimed towards hostess gals, outdated???
Ranzuki - gyaru teens. very similar to egg.


 Do people still read Cawaii, or is it outdated? Any other outdated mags? What is your favorite gal mag?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm already thinking about Halloween! xD For Halloween, I want to be either a drag queen or a ganguro gal!

I'm leaning more towards ganguro gal though! Last night, I even had a dream about it. I had a dream my sister got me a schoolgirl uniform with a long silver wig xD So, I'll take that as a sign that I should be a ganguro gal. xD All I need is a silver, pink, or blonde wig! I was thinking of just wearing colorful clothes, but yesterday in Hot Topic I saw some costumes that could work for ganguro! They aren't literally clothes that a ganguro gal would wear, but I think if you paired them with a wig and ganguro make-up you would achieve the look!! 

(Minus the curly blue wig..)

Classic ganguro schoolgirl
This isn't really ganguro (actually none of them are . . .) but it's so cute *w*


So, yesterday I went shopping! I got almost everything on my shopping list, except the scarf and cardigan (which were most important >__<) !! Because, the thrift store was closed. :( However, I still got these things:

1. Skin Cleansing wipes ($2.80 - F21)
(They smell really gooood~! Also, they had lavender, aloe, or green tea.)
2. Make-Up Bag ($1.50 - F21)
(Actually, I didn't like this bag as much as some other bags there. I bought this one cuz it was $1.50 and all the prettier bags were like $7.00!! I really liked this bag right here below . . . )

 3. Facial Mask ($1.80 - F21)

Actually, I ended up giving this to my mom becoz I thought it would remind her a bit of Korea~

4. Eyelashes ($2.80 - F21)
(These are the cheapest eyelashes ever!!)
 Also, I went to Charlotte Russe and got these glasses on sale for $3!!!

They are having a sunglass sale, so everyone should get their sunglasses now at Charlotte Russe! By the time summer comes around, they will be quadruple the price! Get them now while you still can lol~~

My shopping total: about $12!  I'm such a bargain shopper~~ xD

Oh! And I didn't get any fake nails! I went to Forever 21 but the whole beauty table was gone!! D: They still had a small table, but only with brushes and mirrors and stuff. Instead, I saw that most of the beauty stuff had been moved to the other side in boxes! I guess maybe they are not going to have those items in stock any more? :c Well, I looked for the Love & Beauty nails in the pink and black packaging, but they didn't have any. They only had cheap, simple looking nails. NOOO!!! They stopped selling my favorite nails! So sad waaaa~~

This was my nails for the day!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shopping List

Going shopping this weekend with the bf, here's a list of things I need to get!

1. Black cardigan (Thrift Store) - Something very very simple but I seem to use cardigans a lot to create the base of an outfit. ($5)

(loveeeeeeeeee her shoes btw!! i'm trying not to spend over.. $30 though)
2. More Forever 21 nails - I want these ones!! *w* ($5)

3. Forever 21 - Facial Cleansing Tissue ($3)

4. Face Masks - F21 ($4)

5. Make-Up Bag - F21 ($7)

6. Floral Pattern Scarf - Thrift Store ($3)

Total: ~ $27 

Perfect! ^w^

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Make-Up

For my make-up, I like to do a toned-down gal look. I don't like caking my face in make-up. . . I like to look simple & sweet.  So, this is usually how I do my eyes:

Usually, I wing the liner up to make an awake-looking eye, but sometimes I like to wing it down to make a more sleepy eye. I think the sleepy eye is popular, no? Anyways, I like to wear subtle soft eyeshadow colors. I don't like wearing bright colors or dark colors . . Too much for me~  I wear fake lashes (these are from Forever 21), and circle lenses. I feel insecure without them . . (that probably isn't too good xD) I want to get new circle lenses too. I would like some without a black outer ring on it, and a more turquoise color instead of my darky blue. These are the ones I want:

My boyfriend "supposedly" ordered them off, HOWEVER, they never came. I checked the order status and it didn't have anything there. ;---: He ordered them again, but they never came either! -__- Maybe he just ordered them wrong, but I still don't really trust Pinkyparadise now. . .

Other camwhore pix:

This is a great example of a gyaru make-up that I love:

It's perfect for my becoz I don't like to put eyeliner or false lashes on my bottom lashline!!

This is Beary.

Hi. This is Beary. He is a bear. He is my favorite bear! I bought him a while ago in a festival stand. When I first saw him, I completely fell IN LOOOOOOVEEE. *O* He is the most gorgeous bear I've ever seen in my life :3 He was $8! (Which I think is a bit expensive for a 3 inch bear . . . -___-) Anyways, I couldn't resist him. :3 Sometimes, I put him on my keys:

Other times, I put him on my purse:

He is a very pretty bear, don't you think? :3

A Couple of Outfits

Well, I know these aren't really gal-styled outfits, but they're a step closer towards it than the ones in my previous post! @___@

(weird hand sign.. aha >__<)
In this one, I'm wearing dark tight jeans, simple white tee, black vest (with a bit of lace detail), silver necklace, and black boots with a silver buckle. Then, I have a silver and black bag from D.E.B. I wear that necklace with almost every outfit, it's my signature piece >__< 

(note the purin on the mirror xD )
In this one, I'm wearing a floral flowy shirt (you cant really see the pattern . . . -__-), black tank, denim shorts, a gold necklace with black beads (can't really see it), and gold and black flats.

Now a random camwhore pic yayy! :P

I need to get into the habit of wearing fake nails again!

Monday, September 19, 2011

About My Style

Well I figured my first post should be a little bit about me and my style! ^w^ Firstly, I first got into Japanese fashion around the age of 12! I first started off with the manba fashion (oh gosh . . . . -__- lol) Then, I explored off into decora, lolita, and kigurumi xD Even though I loved the styles, I never really wore them myself; 1. Because I can't find anything like that around here, and 2. I didn't want to be called a freak~ I first got into gyaru about 2 years ago! I really like the style, but I never really wear it; I just wear a couple pieces that could be thought of as gyaru. But, that's about to change! :D (hopefully!)

My style right now is all over the place. One day I will wear something, and the next, I will wear the complete opposite of that! I like all styles and I blend them together. Usually though, I like sweet, glam, classic, casual, and a bit of punk type clothes. I like keeping things simple and put-together (I'm kind of a perfectionist >__<) I don't like being TOO MUCH of one style, for example, I don't wearing a full-out punk outfit or full-out preppy outfit. Just little touches. I've noticed that gal style is a lot of full-out style, like full-out girly or full-out glam. I hope I can still be gyaru while mixing the styles ^__^

Here's some pix of my style:
(This would be a very typical outfit of mine! Put-together but very plain :/ )
(Punk style.. Not gyaru at all :/ )
(This is so simple! I need to wear more flashy clothes :o)

Well, that was just a little bit about my style. I'll put up a more personal 'about me' laterssss.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Blog!

Hello to anyone who is reading this! =^__^= My name is Nana!  This is a new blog I've made, directed towards gyaru fashion and lifestyle* This is about myself becoming a better gyaru! I'm a total noob right now when it comes to gyaru life~So hopefully, with this blog, I can learn how to become a better gyaru gal Hopefully, I will get some gals to help me out with that~ n__n arigato gozaimasu!!