Monday, September 26, 2011

Notes on Different Gal Mags

Hello! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS struggled to differentiate the different gal mags!Somebody pleaseee help me! :( From reading what other people have to say and looking at some of the mags online, this is what I've picked up. It probably is NOT true, so somebody correct me! Also, please leave suggestions for more gal mags! :) I really like the cutesy, playful, and colorful fashions, so any magazine that has a lot of that would be great!!  Ok, here's some notes:


Popteen - aimed at middle/highschool girls, a lot of kogyaru fashion
Popsister - similar to popteen.
ViVi - aimed at girls age 18-30 . business & casual wear.
Egg - ganguro/gyaru fashion aimed at 20 year olds.
Jelly - for girls age 15-16 . most popular styles in shibuya
Ageha - aimed towards hostess gals, outdated???
Ranzuki - gyaru teens. very similar to egg.


 Do people still read Cawaii, or is it outdated? Any other outdated mags? What is your favorite gal mag?

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