Sunday, September 25, 2011


So, yesterday I went shopping! I got almost everything on my shopping list, except the scarf and cardigan (which were most important >__<) !! Because, the thrift store was closed. :( However, I still got these things:

1. Skin Cleansing wipes ($2.80 - F21)
(They smell really gooood~! Also, they had lavender, aloe, or green tea.)
2. Make-Up Bag ($1.50 - F21)
(Actually, I didn't like this bag as much as some other bags there. I bought this one cuz it was $1.50 and all the prettier bags were like $7.00!! I really liked this bag right here below . . . )

 3. Facial Mask ($1.80 - F21)

Actually, I ended up giving this to my mom becoz I thought it would remind her a bit of Korea~

4. Eyelashes ($2.80 - F21)
(These are the cheapest eyelashes ever!!)
 Also, I went to Charlotte Russe and got these glasses on sale for $3!!!

They are having a sunglass sale, so everyone should get their sunglasses now at Charlotte Russe! By the time summer comes around, they will be quadruple the price! Get them now while you still can lol~~

My shopping total: about $12!  I'm such a bargain shopper~~ xD

Oh! And I didn't get any fake nails! I went to Forever 21 but the whole beauty table was gone!! D: They still had a small table, but only with brushes and mirrors and stuff. Instead, I saw that most of the beauty stuff had been moved to the other side in boxes! I guess maybe they are not going to have those items in stock any more? :c Well, I looked for the Love & Beauty nails in the pink and black packaging, but they didn't have any. They only had cheap, simple looking nails. NOOO!!! They stopped selling my favorite nails! So sad waaaa~~

This was my nails for the day!

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