Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Make-Up

For my make-up, I like to do a toned-down gal look. I don't like caking my face in make-up. . . I like to look simple & sweet.  So, this is usually how I do my eyes:

Usually, I wing the liner up to make an awake-looking eye, but sometimes I like to wing it down to make a more sleepy eye. I think the sleepy eye is popular, no? Anyways, I like to wear subtle soft eyeshadow colors. I don't like wearing bright colors or dark colors . . Too much for me~  I wear fake lashes (these are from Forever 21), and circle lenses. I feel insecure without them . . (that probably isn't too good xD) I want to get new circle lenses too. I would like some without a black outer ring on it, and a more turquoise color instead of my darky blue. These are the ones I want:

My boyfriend "supposedly" ordered them off pinkyparadise.com, HOWEVER, they never came. I checked the order status and it didn't have anything there. ;---: He ordered them again, but they never came either! -__- Maybe he just ordered them wrong, but I still don't really trust Pinkyparadise now. . .

Other camwhore pix:

This is a great example of a gyaru make-up that I love:

It's perfect for my becoz I don't like to put eyeliner or false lashes on my bottom lashline!!

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