Monday, September 19, 2011

About My Style

Well I figured my first post should be a little bit about me and my style! ^w^ Firstly, I first got into Japanese fashion around the age of 12! I first started off with the manba fashion (oh gosh . . . . -__- lol) Then, I explored off into decora, lolita, and kigurumi xD Even though I loved the styles, I never really wore them myself; 1. Because I can't find anything like that around here, and 2. I didn't want to be called a freak~ I first got into gyaru about 2 years ago! I really like the style, but I never really wear it; I just wear a couple pieces that could be thought of as gyaru. But, that's about to change! :D (hopefully!)

My style right now is all over the place. One day I will wear something, and the next, I will wear the complete opposite of that! I like all styles and I blend them together. Usually though, I like sweet, glam, classic, casual, and a bit of punk type clothes. I like keeping things simple and put-together (I'm kind of a perfectionist >__<) I don't like being TOO MUCH of one style, for example, I don't wearing a full-out punk outfit or full-out preppy outfit. Just little touches. I've noticed that gal style is a lot of full-out style, like full-out girly or full-out glam. I hope I can still be gyaru while mixing the styles ^__^

Here's some pix of my style:
(This would be a very typical outfit of mine! Put-together but very plain :/ )
(Punk style.. Not gyaru at all :/ )
(This is so simple! I need to wear more flashy clothes :o)

Well, that was just a little bit about my style. I'll put up a more personal 'about me' laterssss.


  1. Ayyy que bonita!! *___* Muchas gracias por tu comentario, me ha hecho mucha ilusion!!! Hablas español super bien!! En serio, es increible!! >___<

    Veo que tu blog es nuevo!! Mucho animo!!!! *__* Te sigo desde ya!!! Muchos besos!!!! ^3^

  2. Ahhh gracias nna x tu comentario!! n_n <3 (el primer comentario ajaja >__<) Y gracias, de hechoo he estudiado español por casi 4 años pero estoy aprendiendo todavia ^__^ oye me encantaaa tu pelo *w* es real o usas extensiones?? :o