Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Christmas List!! :3

Every year, on the first of December, I can always count on making a Christmas list! I like to dream about all the nice things I can't have cuz of no money. T__T' But, i'm not going to ask anybody for gifts because it's just not my style. Here's a few of the (many) things I would like to get for Christmas :D

1. A nice perfume ^^ I really love Juicy Couture perfumes, but all their scents are so great; I couldn't possibly decide T__T So when I saw this set in Macy's I was like.. ''HALLELUJAHTHANKYOUJESUS!''
Other than Juicy Couture, I also like Vera Wang, and even.... Snooki's Perfume! Yup! It actually smells good, it's a pretty sweet smell. ^--^
2. This Yesstyle purse! Or any purse for that matter. I've had the same couple purses for 4 years. :c
3. A few gyaru magazines! I'm fairly new to gyaru so I haven't ordered any magazines yet! I was thinking maybe 4 magazines to get me started. I like Ageha even though it isn't so popular anymore (or is it?)

4. New contacts~ I want a pair without the harsh black ring around it; blue or grey-blue!
5. A cozy hat ^^ I really love these Liz Lisa hats but I don't know how to order from the website! I can't read Japanese D: Can anyone help
6. A new phone case.. This website makes the most amazing blinged-out phone cases EVER. Seriously. Go there! Each one is custom made for your phone with real swarovski crystals! The only catch is that it costs $80... I really can't afford that. :/ But just look at these!
Well, that's it... I want some other small things too, like make-up, stationary, & accessories and such but these are the main things! Please comment and tell me your Christmas list! :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Subtle Gyaru Make-up Tutorial

Hey gals ^__^ This is a tutorial for gals who are just getting into the gyaru fashion. Gyaru make-up can seem a little intimidating at first! You don't have to jump into it right away! This tutorial can help you slowly ease your way into gyaru make-up. I don't think this make-up look is exactly gyaru, but more of a gyaru inspired look. I hope you enjoy!

*First off, please excuse the shitty pictures. -__- I was kind of in a hurry when I made this tutorial this morning. Also, the lighting in my room is extremely bad (hence all the weird angles). Bear with me please, this is my first tutorial lol.*

Step 1: Start off with a moisturized and concealed face. ^__<  I find that foundation blends better if you apply lotion before! Don't forget to powder :)
Step 2: Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks, and lightly conture nose. You can use a little dab of brown eyeshadow! Also, fill in your brows to frame your eyes. Try to create a slight arch. Usually, gals dye their hair blonde or light brown, so they fill their eyebrows with a light color. But if you have dark hair, I wouldn't recommend filling them in blonde haha! Mine look a little protruding now but once we apply eye make-up they'll look more natural.
Step 3: Apply a white cream base all over your eye area, and on the lower lashline. This makes the colors of your eyeshadow really stand out and last longer!
OMG derp photo~ :c
Step 4: For colors, anything neutral will be fine really ^.^ Try to use 2 shades of the same or similar colors, with the same tones and such. I'm going to use this palette from Forever 21.
Step 5: Using a white or cream color (1), apply this to your browbone and the inner half of your eye with a sponge brush.
Step 6: Using a dark brown (2), apply this to the outer half of your eye and on your lower lashline.
Step 7: Using a light wine color (3), apply this with a fluffy brush into your crease, up until the white part.
Step 8: Line your top lashline with liquid liner. Try to keep the thickest/highest point of the liner in the middle of your eye. That way, it will have that puppy-dog eye look! Try not to make it too thick or too thin. Towards the end of your eye, bring the wing downwards for the sleepy, innocent eye that is so popular. Or, you could wing it up for a more awake looking eye!
Step 9: Apply your false lashes! If you're a beginner, try using a clear glue. That way, if you mess up, you won't have white glue all over the eye you just created!
Step 10: Using a pencil liner, create a very small line on your lower lashline, connecting to the liquid liner. Blend well. This will bring together the top and bottom of your eye.
Step 11:  Apply a generous amount of mascara to your bottom lashes! I wouldn't recommend false lashes on the bottom if you're a beginner. Gals usually will line the bottom line too, but I think it looks less harsh this way. ^.^ Feel free to line the bottom if you want though!

Step 12: Finally, add circle lenses and you're done!
 Aaaaand a camwhore pic yay :D
Hope this will help any beginner gals! ^__^

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick fix for skin troubles!

Hello girls! ^__^ A lot of us try really hard to get perfect flawless skin, but as we know, that isn't such an easy task to accomplish :/ We have to fight pimples, blackheads, redness, and so much more. u__u I personally get rashes sometimes on my cheeks when I forget to wash my face the night before. D: It looks like this:
(I edited the darkness in the photos to make the skin really stand out.)
Sometimes it can take forever for them to disappear! Thankfully, I've found a solution. :D I use facial masks from a brand called "Montagne Jeunesse". Many of you have probably heard of this brand, but I wanna spread their awesomeness to those who don't lol~You can often find these cheap $2-$3 masks in any drug store, such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, or Superdrug. They also can be found in fashion stores and boutiques like Forever 21 and Claire's. The great thing about this brand is that they are dirt cheap but still work great! You don't need to spend $20 on a face mask you're only going to use once~
Here's me during the process. I used the Strawberry Souffle facial mud. It smelled soo good! :D
Another pro to these masks is that you can get 2-3 uses out of each pack! Just store the opened pack in a zippy bag ^^~
This is how my skin looked the next morning:

It looks a lot better, and this is just after one day! It would look even better after a week! It left my skin feeling really soft, clean, and hydrated; and it looks 10x better! These masks are perfect if you are having a face emergency and need a quick, cheap fix! Here's their website for more info:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revlon Synthetic Hair Treatments Review

Hello! Today I'm going to share a review on some Revlon products for synthetic hair.I was looking through a box of my grandma's old hair products that she doesn't use and came across this set of three Revlon products.

 I don't know how old these products are, but it I know they weren't recently released. My grandma never used them so she let me have them. I thought I would try them out on one of my old hair extensions instead of the ones I wear now, just in case it messed them up or something.

I ended up using only the first two, because the "Finishing Spray" is just for styling. From the start, I found something that I didn't like. The instructions on the bottles are so vague! The directions for the texturizing cleanser read:

"Add small amount to basin of cool water. Immerse style and soak for a few minutes. Agitate gently..."

I like knowing how much product to put into the water, and for exactly how many minutes. Am I just being too picky?Well, aside from that, something that I really liked is the smell! The products smell kind of like coconuts and pineapple and strawberry! *3* ..

Anyways, this is how my old extensions looked before. (Keep in mind these are about 5 months old and almost completely destroyed.)

I followed the instructions and let them soak in the water with the "Texturizing Cleanser" for a few minutes. Then, I rinsed them off and soaked them in water with the "Dual Conditioner".

While wet:

Anddd.... taaadaa!

You actually can't see much difference, but I guess that's just cuz they're pretty old and past the point of no return LOL. I wasn't expecting a miracle rejuvination or anything. *sigh*

But, I do think the extensions look a bit less frizzy, and more real! (You can't really tell in the picture.) They actually were incredibly easy to brush through! *0* It really did make my extensions soft again! ^w^/

In general, these seem to be really good products! I give them 5/5 stars! They made my hair soft again, more real-looking, and were very very easy to comb. If you want to order them online (I don't know if they're still in stores), you can click on the following links. Thanks for reading!