Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Hello! What did you do for Halloween? ^w^ I went trick-or-treating with my friend. I'm such a little girl! It's a bit sad, I know.. but it was nice! We recieved a couple of snide comments though >__> ..

Anyways, I went as a Princess Kitty :3 Originally, I wanted to be a lolita but no store had any lolita costume :( Plus, I only had $25 to spend! u__u The outcome of my outfit was a little bland; I just put on a pink top and skirt to match the kitty accessories.

(sexy kitty...? nooo~)
My friend Taylor has been my bestfriend for 4 years! She's pretty funny, as you can tell:

... Yup.

Anyways, about trick-or-treating. It was literally zero degrees celsius outside, so I lost all the feeling in my hands. :( When people offered me candy, my fingers fumbled around before I could grab one!

Me freezing my ass off.
Finally, this was my make-up for the night. I wanted to go with a pink theme~

 Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween

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  1. omg your costume is so cute
    YOURE so cute!! >w<