Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rainy Day Style!

Hello gals! ^__^ Happy Saturday! Not so happy for me, because this gloomy weather has really been bringing me down lately!It rains almost every day here in Michigan!Is anyone else's area like this as well?

If it is, don't worry! Just because the sky is gloomy doesn't mean your outfit has to be too! It's still possible to look cute on a cold, rainy day. Here's how:

The key to rainy day dressing is layering! We want to keep warm while we're outside, of course. An obvious element to layering would be the classic cardigan. A knit cardigan will keep you all warm and toasty :)
However, we can add more excitement to a cardigan by belting it or choosing one with a feminine detail, like ruffles, lace, or fur.
Wearing cardigans over and over can get tiring, so a poncho is a unique and interesting option! 

 Fringed ponchos are really in!

However, if you're not too crazy about ponchos you can try an oversized kimono cardigan.  
Urban Outfitters

Forever 21
A classic trench is always a good idea for super cold days! Trenches look classy with a dress & tights underneath, or a pair of sleek jeans.
For a bold new spin on the classic trench coat, why not try out a cape? WARNING: Not for everyone!
Now you might be wondering, "What about clothes for underneath all these layers" Well, we can just keep it simple with any basic pretty blouse. For bottoms, anything will be fine. Even shorts, if you put tights underneath! Longer skirts seem ultra-cool on rainy days!
Finally, to tie your rainy day outfit together, you must find an awesome pair of boots! Try to avoid high heeled boots (you don't want to slip and fall!). Look for wedged boots or boots with a thick, low heel. Flats are fine too!
Forever 21
Above all, the most important item to have on a rainy day is an umbrella!

*All uncited images from Happie Nuts November and October 2011 issues.*


  1. Oh my gosh I want these items LOL so cute and warm :D

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