Monday, November 28, 2011

Subtle Gyaru Make-up Tutorial

Hey gals ^__^ This is a tutorial for gals who are just getting into the gyaru fashion. Gyaru make-up can seem a little intimidating at first! You don't have to jump into it right away! This tutorial can help you slowly ease your way into gyaru make-up. I don't think this make-up look is exactly gyaru, but more of a gyaru inspired look. I hope you enjoy!

*First off, please excuse the shitty pictures. -__- I was kind of in a hurry when I made this tutorial this morning. Also, the lighting in my room is extremely bad (hence all the weird angles). Bear with me please, this is my first tutorial lol.*

Step 1: Start off with a moisturized and concealed face. ^__<  I find that foundation blends better if you apply lotion before! Don't forget to powder :)
Step 2: Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks, and lightly conture nose. You can use a little dab of brown eyeshadow! Also, fill in your brows to frame your eyes. Try to create a slight arch. Usually, gals dye their hair blonde or light brown, so they fill their eyebrows with a light color. But if you have dark hair, I wouldn't recommend filling them in blonde haha! Mine look a little protruding now but once we apply eye make-up they'll look more natural.
Step 3: Apply a white cream base all over your eye area, and on the lower lashline. This makes the colors of your eyeshadow really stand out and last longer!
OMG derp photo~ :c
Step 4: For colors, anything neutral will be fine really ^.^ Try to use 2 shades of the same or similar colors, with the same tones and such. I'm going to use this palette from Forever 21.
Step 5: Using a white or cream color (1), apply this to your browbone and the inner half of your eye with a sponge brush.
Step 6: Using a dark brown (2), apply this to the outer half of your eye and on your lower lashline.
Step 7: Using a light wine color (3), apply this with a fluffy brush into your crease, up until the white part.
Step 8: Line your top lashline with liquid liner. Try to keep the thickest/highest point of the liner in the middle of your eye. That way, it will have that puppy-dog eye look! Try not to make it too thick or too thin. Towards the end of your eye, bring the wing downwards for the sleepy, innocent eye that is so popular. Or, you could wing it up for a more awake looking eye!
Step 9: Apply your false lashes! If you're a beginner, try using a clear glue. That way, if you mess up, you won't have white glue all over the eye you just created!
Step 10: Using a pencil liner, create a very small line on your lower lashline, connecting to the liquid liner. Blend well. This will bring together the top and bottom of your eye.
Step 11:  Apply a generous amount of mascara to your bottom lashes! I wouldn't recommend false lashes on the bottom if you're a beginner. Gals usually will line the bottom line too, but I think it looks less harsh this way. ^.^ Feel free to line the bottom if you want though!

Step 12: Finally, add circle lenses and you're done!
 Aaaaand a camwhore pic yay :D
Hope this will help any beginner gals! ^__^


  1. You look so cute! You have such big eyes.
    And I love the lashes - they look really natural =]

    By the way, hope you saw my reply to your comment.
    The site is extending their sale til tomorrow!

  2. It's always surprising to see how makeup can change faces. But you're adorable, with and without makeup.

    I think this tutorial will be helpful for those gals who're just about to start. Maybe we'll see more, maybe more difficult makeup tutorials from you in future?

  3. so awesome!!
    you look so cute!! <3 ^-^/

  4. You're so cute!! I love that makeup, not too much but really pretty. I love those circle lenses on you!

  5. Kiwi - I did see it! Thanks :D !!

    Kyo - Yeah I know, I look so ugly without make up XD I'll try doing more difficult tutorials but this is my first one ^^

    Jasmine - You should! It's really easy :D

    Nene - *0* Thanks so much!!

    Jessi - Thank you! ^-^ Yeah that's the point of the makeup, i'm glad it shows lol~!

  6. OMG, this is so simple and you are so gorgeous!!! I wish I had the double eyelids to pull this off! :(

  7. This is beautiful before and after make up.
    I adore your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I stumbled across your blog
    from other blogger, that's how I found you.
    If you get a chance, visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other in GFC.

  8. Jen - I think you could do this look as well, just use eyelid glue!

  9. I really like how simple and easy this looks, and your skin looks so good *___* <3
    (also, thank you for your comment on my blog!)

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous!

    Come check out our blog as we have gyaru-inspired/related post and videos up and we also have reviews up too!!


  11. stunning end result! :D :D way to go, you.

  12. Really nice tutorial! I'm quite hopeless with eyemake so I'll be looking at this again when I have time.

    Cute blog, too <3

    Have a great day :)

  13. You already look cute without makeup >w<
    Good tutorial!

  14. Does this work for a darker skin tone O:. Btw super cute ^-^

  15. Thank you for this. I wanna try it out. Gotta buy mascara. Haha. Will this work ok without bottom lashes?

  16. Where do you buy your eyelashes? Your makeup is sooo cute and simple, I love it <3

  17. Hey! Extremely late so I dunno if I'll get a response but what circle lenses are you wearing? They're beautiful!

  18. You have bin eyes and please use lover lashes to be gyaru hehe cute
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