Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revlon Synthetic Hair Treatments Review

Hello! Today I'm going to share a review on some Revlon products for synthetic hair.I was looking through a box of my grandma's old hair products that she doesn't use and came across this set of three Revlon products.

 I don't know how old these products are, but it I know they weren't recently released. My grandma never used them so she let me have them. I thought I would try them out on one of my old hair extensions instead of the ones I wear now, just in case it messed them up or something.

I ended up using only the first two, because the "Finishing Spray" is just for styling. From the start, I found something that I didn't like. The instructions on the bottles are so vague! The directions for the texturizing cleanser read:

"Add small amount to basin of cool water. Immerse style and soak for a few minutes. Agitate gently..."

I like knowing how much product to put into the water, and for exactly how many minutes. Am I just being too picky?Well, aside from that, something that I really liked is the smell! The products smell kind of like coconuts and pineapple and strawberry! *3* ..

Anyways, this is how my old extensions looked before. (Keep in mind these are about 5 months old and almost completely destroyed.)

I followed the instructions and let them soak in the water with the "Texturizing Cleanser" for a few minutes. Then, I rinsed them off and soaked them in water with the "Dual Conditioner".

While wet:

Anddd.... taaadaa!

You actually can't see much difference, but I guess that's just cuz they're pretty old and past the point of no return LOL. I wasn't expecting a miracle rejuvination or anything. *sigh*

But, I do think the extensions look a bit less frizzy, and more real! (You can't really tell in the picture.) They actually were incredibly easy to brush through! *0* It really did make my extensions soft again! ^w^/

In general, these seem to be really good products! I give them 5/5 stars! They made my hair soft again, more real-looking, and were very very easy to comb. If you want to order them online (I don't know if they're still in stores), you can click on the following links. Thanks for reading!


  1. LOL even though it didn't do much thanks for the review haha~ I really want extensions!

  2. it did though! you just can't really tell cuz the extensions are so old.. but it did work :D you should get them! ^^

  3. thanks for the follow! and I need to wash my extensions too D:

  4. Oawww this products look good! why didnt i find you after I had my wigs and extensions >__< grrrr

    J <3

  5. awwe thx for your sweet comment<3333 =]

    i love your blog!~ it's sooooo cute^^^ [i wanna try extensions toooo]

    your such a gorgeous gyaru<33~~~~let's improve our styles together!^^^

    /followed^^! xoxo

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  8. Ooohh i want extentions too!
    thanks for the revieww, the result still looks like a succes ;D