Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yilu Ponytail Hair Extension Review

Hello! This is a bit of a late post. My Yilu ponytail extensions came about a week ago. They cost $7.99 with FREE shipping! :D

Here's the product info:
  • Brand: Yilu
  • Color: #1B (black)
  • Hair type: Synthetic
  • Style: Clip-on
  • Texture/length: Straight/long
Like I've stated before, I originally ordered 2 because I thought that they would be thin. However, I was surprised at the thickness! It was a really full ponytail. ^__^ Very soft too, and it didn't look synthetic at all. Some camwhore pics:

Not very good pics; I look messy after a long day at school!

There are 2 downsides to this ponytail. Firstly, it seems to tangle a bit easily, and it's not very easy to brush! I guess it's okay, but I was surprised that it tangled so easily while being so soft!

Secondly, the securing clip is not very secure. xD I know it's only there for a little extra support, but I would've liked if it at least snapped down. Observe:

In conclusion, the pro's and con's to this ponytail weigh about equally. It's a good ponytail, but you probably shouldn't excercise or jump around in them! In general I like them~


  1. So I got this brand and I am scared because I got it off ebay for 8 dollars. I mean what is the worst that can happen its 8 dollars and I could like it or not and I got 20" long strait full head. Are your extensions good?