Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Christmas List!! :3

Every year, on the first of December, I can always count on making a Christmas list! I like to dream about all the nice things I can't have cuz of no money. T__T' But, i'm not going to ask anybody for gifts because it's just not my style. Here's a few of the (many) things I would like to get for Christmas :D

1. A nice perfume ^^ I really love Juicy Couture perfumes, but all their scents are so great; I couldn't possibly decide T__T So when I saw this set in Macy's I was like.. ''HALLELUJAHTHANKYOUJESUS!''
Other than Juicy Couture, I also like Vera Wang, and even.... Snooki's Perfume! Yup! It actually smells good, it's a pretty sweet smell. ^--^
2. This Yesstyle purse! Or any purse for that matter. I've had the same couple purses for 4 years. :c
3. A few gyaru magazines! I'm fairly new to gyaru so I haven't ordered any magazines yet! I was thinking maybe 4 magazines to get me started. I like Ageha even though it isn't so popular anymore (or is it?)

4. New contacts~ I want a pair without the harsh black ring around it; blue or grey-blue!
5. A cozy hat ^^ I really love these Liz Lisa hats but I don't know how to order from the website! I can't read Japanese D: Can anyone help
6. A new phone case.. This website makes the most amazing blinged-out phone cases EVER. Seriously. Go there! Each one is custom made for your phone with real swarovski crystals! The only catch is that it costs $80... I really can't afford that. :/ But just look at these!
Well, that's it... I want some other small things too, like make-up, stationary, & accessories and such but these are the main things! Please comment and tell me your Christmas list! :D


  1. wooohh nice list ;D
    Hahaa in my list are also new lenses (super-duper addicted) and famous lashes like Dolly wink etc * ^*

    I hope you get what you wished forr n__n <3

  2. oooh what color lenses?
    i would like dolly wink too but they are so expensiveee XD

  3. whooaaa, I hope you get all your wish list :D
    I'm so in love with contact lenses XDD

  4. i hope your wish will come true. i would love the pink bag too.

  5. omg why does everyone say 'whoaa'; i didnt think it was too much to ask XD

  6. awwe, pretty photo<33

    i saw the same snooki thing at the mall too lols Xd~~ !

    btw, i also want the hats and phone cases (esp. the bear one ^_^) lol~~ they're all so pretty!!

  7. Cute! I am asking for clay for charms, a eyeshadow palette and some music :)