Monday, March 26, 2012

Some quick reviews & gets!

Hey everyone! We have some catching up to do don't we! ^^ First of all, my brown extensions came a while ago. They cost $45 for 120 g of 22'' hair! I thought they would be a bit on the good-quality side but I'm actually not super pleased. They seem a bit thin and bunch together a lot, they also shed quite a bit. I've only worn them for about 2 weeks and they are already shedding :( Anyways, here's some photos. They don't look super bunched together because I combed them out.

I wasn't feeling very photogenic this day LOL.

If I had to rate these, I'd give them a 6.5/10. You can purchase them here if you like!

I also bought some curly extensions. These are synthetic hair, and they were the really cheap kind, at $6 each. They actually are pretty good for being only $6. They do tangle easily though, even after one use they start looking bad. :/

I didn't think they looked SUPER obvious until I saw how they look in photos.. oh geez. =__= They look better in real life.. (I hope :S) You can purchase them here.

Moving on to other gets, here's some blingies I have. I bought the mirror already made from Claire's, it was $6 I think. The sticker I bought on eBay here for $7! It's pretty durable!

I also bought the loveliest belt the other day in a small mall. It was $35 but worth it!

I tried creating a rokku-gal look with it, but kinda failed epicly. I put blingied sandals with it because it's kinda hot here right now. I kept the top simple to emphasize the blingied accessories. The belt actually looks a lot bigger IRL!

Also, here was my FOTD with this outfit. Kept it simple with a slight smokey look.

The natural looking contacts I'm wearing are Gothic 3-Tone Turquoise Lens.

Thanks for reading everyone! Coming up, I have a pretty make-up tutorial I'm planning! I'm also thinking of re-doing my whole blog design. Stay tuned lol!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm sorry for not updating in almost a month! u__u Really so so sorry! This is just a boring little post, I'm sure no one will care about it, but I decided to at least leave something on here before my next post.

Well, just to update on me, I've been pretty busy with school and work. Since I'm always so tired, I don't have a lot of time to put effort into myself. :/ Lately I just wear sweatshirts and sneakers to school! It's horrible D:

I'm also trying really hard to lose weight before I go to vacation to Florida at the end of this month. I'll be wearing bikinis like 24/7 so I'll need to have a toned bod.. T__T It's so hard for me to lose weight though u__u
Do you guys have any tips?
Thanks everyone for sticking with me! I promise to put up some more fashion-related posts this week!