Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm sorry for not updating in almost a month! u__u Really so so sorry! This is just a boring little post, I'm sure no one will care about it, but I decided to at least leave something on here before my next post.

Well, just to update on me, I've been pretty busy with school and work. Since I'm always so tired, I don't have a lot of time to put effort into myself. :/ Lately I just wear sweatshirts and sneakers to school! It's horrible D:

I'm also trying really hard to lose weight before I go to vacation to Florida at the end of this month. I'll be wearing bikinis like 24/7 so I'll need to have a toned bod.. T__T It's so hard for me to lose weight though u__u
Do you guys have any tips?
Thanks everyone for sticking with me! I promise to put up some more fashion-related posts this week!


  1. never drink soda, drink just water! maybe you think you can't, but you will see after a week, that it's absolutely possible! ^^ this is the best tip I have :3 And when you eat something, take smaller plates, so your brain thinks you eat enough and you will get saturated with a smaller portion! ^^ I hope I could help! :3

  2. Aaaaaa I've got the exact same problem ;____; I want to get toned or at least flat by the time summer rolls along, but it's so haaarrd.

  3. Yoghurtqueen - Thanks for the tip! I never drink soda so I don't have to worry about that, it's just all the snacking that gets me... T__T

    Naoki - Ah I know how you feel u_u!! Im gonna look like a big blob of pudding wearing a bikini :/

  4. Mmm, I was going through this not long ago. I find that cutting out junk food helps alot, it doesn't bloat you up and you have more energy.

    I started off by detoxing with green tea and drinking loads of water. I replaced junk food with more fruits and vegetables, I learnt how to make a different types of salads and smoothies online. Also start off with light exercise then gradually build up. You should check out 'Blogilates' on youtube, she is amazing!

    Oh and never skip meals because it's really bad, just eat smaller portions. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner - if inbetween I get a bit hungry, I normally drink water or snack on nuts and greek yoghurt.

    Hope some of that helps, it's what I've done so far and it's helped me. I'm still trying to tone up for summer.

    Goodluck Nana! ^^