Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick fix for skin troubles!

Hello girls! ^__^ A lot of us try really hard to get perfect flawless skin, but as we know, that isn't such an easy task to accomplish :/ We have to fight pimples, blackheads, redness, and so much more. u__u I personally get rashes sometimes on my cheeks when I forget to wash my face the night before. D: It looks like this:
(I edited the darkness in the photos to make the skin really stand out.)
Sometimes it can take forever for them to disappear! Thankfully, I've found a solution. :D I use facial masks from a brand called "Montagne Jeunesse". Many of you have probably heard of this brand, but I wanna spread their awesomeness to those who don't lol~You can often find these cheap $2-$3 masks in any drug store, such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, or Superdrug. They also can be found in fashion stores and boutiques like Forever 21 and Claire's. The great thing about this brand is that they are dirt cheap but still work great! You don't need to spend $20 on a face mask you're only going to use once~
Here's me during the process. I used the Strawberry Souffle facial mud. It smelled soo good! :D
Another pro to these masks is that you can get 2-3 uses out of each pack! Just store the opened pack in a zippy bag ^^~
This is how my skin looked the next morning:

It looks a lot better, and this is just after one day! It would look even better after a week! It left my skin feeling really soft, clean, and hydrated; and it looks 10x better! These masks are perfect if you are having a face emergency and need a quick, cheap fix! Here's their website for more info:


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  2. heyyy~~ i've always wondered about those masks, bc i see them all the time in stores~~~~ thank you for this, love! ^o^ ~~~~~ !!<3


  3. Just found out about your blog! <3
    And thank you for the review. I also was wondering about these masks. I haven seen them many times in stores and never bought them.