Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello! Today my boyfriend & i decided to explore a new part of our city that we've never been to before! It was an interesting change! n_n

I curled my old extensions!! *w*
 Firstly, we went to a restaurant called "The Electric Cheetah". A very unique name, with very unique food! We ordered a purple cauliflower cheddar soup, and as an appetizer we ordered water chestnuts wrapped in bacon in a special sauce! I tried to order the most exotic things in the menu lol~ :P

The cauliflower soup tasted a little like mac n' cheese haha! And those water chestnuts... Maybe one of the best foods I've ever eaten! *Q* However, it lost a bit of it's appeal when the waiter told me the sauce had ketchup in it. I wish I had never asked... :S

I thought this was interesting:

Later, we stopped by a chocolate shoppe. The candies look so gourmet! *w*

However, I was a bit disappointed. The candies I got tasted like regular chocolate. What I thought was a gourmet candy was really just an oreo dipped in chocolate! :s

Towards the end of the night, we had dinner at a restaurant called "Cinco de Mayo". The ambiance of the restaurant was really festive and beautiful!

I cannot believe Allan ate alllll this food. @___@ He's a little piggy! *oink*

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