Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Prize 2011 Picspam!

Hello all.! ^w^Yesterday Allan (boyfriend) and I went to Art Prize. It's basically a huge art festival that happens every year in my city! It's very interesting~ :o

Well, I just wanted to share some pics that I took! But its not really related to fashion or gal or anything though. ^_^

Firstly, this was my outfit for the day:

(I had a little too much fun with the photo editor... '=___=)
When Allan picked me up, he gave this to me as a surprise! *w*
It was a really thoughtful gift because 1.) I love Hello Kitty, and 2.) I love stickers!!! hehe~ :3

Anyways, we got downtown and saw these:

They're made from water bottles! :O
Then, we walked around a bit outside and saw some more art.

Hahahahaa :D
More arts:

It looks so real.. 0__o
 I loved these trees! :O They're made from waterbottles too! They were so colorful! I want one in my room lol~ :3

We took a pic by the trees:
omg he would be sooo mad if i put this on facebook! :P
An unflattering pic of me in Starbucks.

I think there was some celebration going on, there was this huge cake. @___@

Finally, there was a car in the middle of the street completely covered in random stuff. @__@ I couldn't take a pic of the car cuz there was a huge crowd around it, but I saw some Hello Kitties stuck in there. :3

Ending with a random camwhore pic of me. Am i conceited??Hmm.. I don't think so!! :s

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