Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Extensions

Ah, I'm so bad at updating this thing! >__< It's just that I don't have much to talk about! ;__; Well anyways, I ordered some hair extensions online because mine are the most horrendous things on this planet! D: I'm not even going to put up a picture! Anyways, I'm so relieved I finally ordered new hair; I'm counting down the days until it arrives! I can't wait!! My hair is so embarrassing

(lol i didn't know if i should cover the seller's name.. i did to be on the safe side ^^;)
Firstly, I ordered a 100g 8 piece remy set. It's from the brand "Big Happie Hair" (never heard of it lol.) I always get 22 inch hair in jet black! It was $46.00 with free shipping. It's a little on the cheap side! I can't afford to get an expensive good-quality hair. ;__; So this is fine for me ^^ It's going to arrive around November 2 (I think). That seems like such a long time away when you're in such desperate need for new hair! D:

I also ordered ponytail extensions! I've never worn them before. They were $7.99, awesome price!However, on the model, the hair looked a little thin, so I ordered 2. My total was $15.98 with free shipping! They are 20 inches with the brand Yilu! I don't know when these are gonna arrive, I tracked my item and apparently it's still in China ~___~

As you can see, they tie on like this! I'm a little skeptical of how well it is going to stay in place! Knowing me, it's probably going to be really hard to attach the first couple times. I'm very clumsy~ @__@

Has anyone else had a tie-on ponytail like this before?

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