Monday, October 24, 2011

Deco'd Cammy! n__n

Hello! I did my first DIY decorating today. ^__^ I think it turned out okay for a first timer! lol~

Well, I was walking through Michael's (a craft store) to get supplies for a school project and I came upon a whole WALL of bling & deco's. *0* I was so excited like a little kid in a candy store haha~ I picked out some simple decos; I didn't want a really flashy design. ^^

This cross I pulled off a necklace and the other thingthing (lol) is from a ring!

Now here's my cammy before:


And after!

As you can see, I didn't want a really extravagant or colorful look. This one is more simpler than most deco'd things ^_^ Some girls spend like 5+ hours decorating their cammy or phone. @__@ They are soo patient~~ (i am not :P) This only took about 40-50 minutes. It looks a little sloppy (i was running out of decos D:), but I'm still proud of myself!  

My only worry is that the decos will fall off once I put it in my purse and move around and stuff.. Some of them didn't seem to stick very well D:


  1. your camera looks so cute and pretty *___* <3

  2. thank youuuu! ^w^ it was my first time so i tried lol~