Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Couple of Outfits

Well, I know these aren't really gal-styled outfits, but they're a step closer towards it than the ones in my previous post! @___@

(weird hand sign.. aha >__<)
In this one, I'm wearing dark tight jeans, simple white tee, black vest (with a bit of lace detail), silver necklace, and black boots with a silver buckle. Then, I have a silver and black bag from D.E.B. I wear that necklace with almost every outfit, it's my signature piece >__< 

(note the purin on the mirror xD )
In this one, I'm wearing a floral flowy shirt (you cant really see the pattern . . . -__-), black tank, denim shorts, a gold necklace with black beads (can't really see it), and gold and black flats.

Now a random camwhore pic yayy! :P

I need to get into the habit of wearing fake nails again!

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