Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm already thinking about Halloween! xD For Halloween, I want to be either a drag queen or a ganguro gal!

I'm leaning more towards ganguro gal though! Last night, I even had a dream about it. I had a dream my sister got me a schoolgirl uniform with a long silver wig xD So, I'll take that as a sign that I should be a ganguro gal. xD All I need is a silver, pink, or blonde wig! I was thinking of just wearing colorful clothes, but yesterday in Hot Topic I saw some costumes that could work for ganguro! They aren't literally clothes that a ganguro gal would wear, but I think if you paired them with a wig and ganguro make-up you would achieve the look!! 

(Minus the curly blue wig..)

Classic ganguro schoolgirl
This isn't really ganguro (actually none of them are . . .) but it's so cute *w*


  1. thanks for following^^
    I think you should dress ganguro! because that's really scary! XDD

  2. I think the ganguro would be cool for Halloween !

  3. i guess i should be ganguro then! only problem is that nobody will know what i am.. u__u & i don't really wanna explain to them what it is.