Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mini Charlotte Russe Haul

Hello all! <3 Today I went shopping and this was my coord:

Jeans: Almost Famous
Top: Charlotte Russe
Wedge Boots: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Here's some detail shots:

If you don't shop at Charlotte Russe, you should! :P They have a wide selection of budget-friendly clothes for all styles. They have many gyaru-friendly pieces :3 Here's a few things that I bought!

1. Cute summery dress. I know it's not summer yet, but I'm going on vacation to a hot place in the springtime, so I'll need some floaty minidresses ^__^ This one has frills on the bust, which helps small-chested girls like me. T__T
 2. Gold starry dress. Another minidress for my vacation. This would've been nice to wear during the holidays!
3. A plain button-down. Actually, I bought this at Hollister! Every girl needs a simple button-down in their wardrobe. They're a great basic that can be used to create many classy and put-together outfits.
4. A tribal print off-the-shoulder top. This isn't really my style, but I bought it anyways because I liked the colors, and it would be perfect for my vacation :D It's a very summery and vibrant light-weight top.

I also bought some accessories! Right now, Charlotte Russe is having an accessory sale, 2 for $10!

1. Simple fedora hat.
 2. Unique jewellery.
 I loved the earrings, they are FIERCE! :D Look at how big they are :O

Thanks to anyone who is reading! I really really appreciate all my readers~I know I'm not the best at this, but thank you all for reading & giving me support ^__^


  1. OMg such a CUTE haul!!!! <3 so jealous of your buys ^___^

  2. Love the first outfit <3
    and that star printed dress is just incredibly adorable!

  3. Your outfit rocks. :3 I love the jeans and top! ♥ Unfortunately we don't have any Charlotte Russe stores over here. :(

  4. AW I love ur fedors hst! It's cute ><

  5. aw a lot of cute things, I love the shoes you're wearing ~~

  6. happy belated new year! love all your clothes! i want legs like yours!!

  7. Great buys!! I love the dresses, the star pattern one is so cute!!

  8. Love the coordinates!!
    The skull t-shirt's the best.

    I tagged you here, if you want to you can take part! ♥