Monday, January 16, 2012

Trip to Sephora

Hey girls! ^__^ It's been awhile since I've posted; I've been busy with studying for exams and working~ ;A; But, I had some time to stop by Sephora the other day and spend some of the gift card money I have

Firstly, I've had a problem with my foundation for the longest time! I have really dry skin and every foundation that I use flakes up and makes it look so obvious and horrible. D: I looked for a super moisturizing foundation that would cover-up, but look like I'm not wearing anything. The lady offered to me a tinted moisturizer! It. Is. Perfect! :3 Here's what I bought:

It's super moisturizing, and also makes my skin look peachy and glowy! :D It was $21.

I also bought a few lashes for $8 each.

The first one is called "Elegant" and the second one is called "Flair". I actually am not super satisfied with these lashes! The band is very flexible, which is good, but I feel it's just too fragile. Here you can see:

They are very natural-looking and light-weight, I even forget they are there~ :O
Here's how they look!

For those that like super light-weight natural looking lashes, these are for you! I like a more visible lash though. You can purchase them here! Thanks for reading


  1. I love the flair lashes *__*

  2. The flair lashes look really good on you.

  3. Lahses are really cute^^I have been debating for a week now on top and bottom lashes to buy and I finally settled on the Korean brand Darkness lashes. These are super cute too tho:P

  4. The lashes are very natural suites you well (:
    CMPang x

  5. you have such a girly and beautiful blog:)